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Hello and Welcome! to Inner Landscapes

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Stephanie, and I am THRILLED to finally be here.

Life is better with a cat.

Born Among the Peaches...

I was born among the peaches of Georgia...learned to explore in the woods of East Texas...soñaba en español en México lindo...met my soul mate in the deserts of Arizona...ate my heart out in the kitchens of India...and experienced so, so much more in between.

Yoga has been a consistent part of my adventurous life journey since 2012. Back then, I worked a full-time desk job and just wanted to de-stress. I had no plans to study in a teacher training course in 2014. And no idea I would eventually leave said job to share Yoga in my community the following year. Then, my incredible, brave, resilient students taught me just how little I knew...and I decided to pursue a specialization in Yoga therapy.

At this moment, I am living in Singapore, wrapping up a two and a half-year "Yoga Vaidya" course from Yoga Vahini in Chennai, India (more on that later!). Soul mate and I are hatching plans to move with cat to eastern Tennessee in early 2022. And I CAN NOT WAIT.

Inner Landscapes

The idea of Inner Landscapes has been mentally gestating for a long time. Although it was mostly a squishy, amorphous blob of gooey-sweet dreams, once it found a shape, the labor and delivery were rapid, and into the world emerged this new space! Inner Landscapes is the digital home for my passion projects, musings, and some very amateur photography. We are both brimming with creative energy and the bright hope that you resonate with what we have to offer.

Not one part of this story would be possible without the abiding support of so many family members, friends, teachers, and students. It takes a village, right? So as I prepare to transport and transplant, here's a callout: to all you brilliant artists and change-makers and leaders around the Great Smoky Mountains, I'm coming. I want to connect with you. I want to learn from you and collaborate with you and contribute to my new community. In turn, I offer the precious little gifts I have to share, straight from the heart.

Final Thoughts

Well, what else is there to know for now? I eat a plant-based diet. Nothing makes me smile quite like a forest does. My favorite color is purple...and green...oh, and blue! Also, I don't use "social media," so please like or subscribe or whatever so that we can stay in touch and be friends.

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